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A child is 7 times more likely to attend college if she has a savings account in her name


A savings account opens the door to college and financial stability. Opportunity Fund leads the nation in microsavings.

When you can’t pay rent and have to choose between feeding your kids and going to the doctor, building savings seems out of reach. We’re proving it’s possible: With a median monthly income of just $1,619, our savers put on average $84 away each month in pursuit of a better life. We help people build an everday savings fund or to save for college. And the transformation continues from there: low-income households continue to save each month; open savings accounts for their children; and pass along financial habits and information to the next generation.

Learn How it Works: Microsavings

  • 8% of low-income students graduate from college
  • Classes teach financial skills
  • Families start to save $20+ each month
  • Donors match deposits 2:1 as savings grow
  • Lives change

Micro savings.
Macro impact.

1 in 3 California households doesn’t earn enough to cover basic housing, food, childcare, and transportation costs. And only 8% of children from low-income families finish college. It's hard to think about putting money aside for college when you can't even cover the unexpected car repair or doctor visit.

A savings account can make all the difference: A child with a savings account in her name is seven times more likely to attend college. A mother with just $1,500 in savings is prepared to face the unexpected, ending a destructive cycle of debt.  

We believe savings and financial education are the foundation everyone needs to build financial stability. Every $1 our low-income clients save is matched by $1 from our donors and $1 from us, along with financial education classes that cover topics like: budgeting, credit repair, and goal-setting.

After she’s reached her savings goal, the financial education; newly formed savings habits; and sense of accomplishment are what provide the real hand-up, charting a new course for her and her family.

  • Total deposits & earnings: $21,000,000

  • Savings accounts: 6,251

  • Women savers: 70%

  • Ethnic minority savers: 85%

  • Median household income: $19,428

  • 80% of savers reach their savings goal

  • 71% of savers are the first in their family to go to college 

Disrupt the cycle of poverty. Support savings.